Spring Bank Holiday Monday easy 3-7m run from a pub!
Date:Monday 28 May 2018
Place:ISIS (Iffley Lock) / Kings Arms (Sanford Lock)
Details:Meet at a pub either:
- the Isis Farmhouse (Iffley Lock) at 3pm or 4pm
- The Kings Arms (Sanford Lock) at 3.30pm or 5pm

We will run between the 2 - each leg is ~1.8 miles
So run from one pub to the other and back is 3.6 miles

Run from The Isis to The Kings Arms and back twice is 7.2 miles! We'll be stopping for refreshments at each pub.

Isis depart 3.00pm
Kings Arms arrive 3.20pm
Kings Arms depart 3.45pm
Isis arrive 4.05pm
Isis depart 4.30pm
Kings Arms arrive 4.50pm
Kings Arms depart 5.30pm
Isis arrive 6.00pm

Timings are approximate. There is a live band playing at The Isis from 6pm.

All welcome.

Check Facebook group for this week's route.
Entered by: ulen neale

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