Oxfordshire County Road Relays
Date:14 Apr 2019
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Comments:Second place to both male and female Vets' teams plus a third for the male vets B team in this enjoyable annual event. Senior men and male vets C team each placed fourth. Apologies for the formatting below.
Senior Women 'A'Johnson, Amy22:23Cruickshank, DyanneLouise24:09
Sugden, Charlotte21:40Georgiades, Emily20:32
Ladies Vets 'A'Shaw, Rachel21:42Daniels, Kate21:50Scott,
Catriona23:11Reid, Michelle22:01
Ladies Vets 'B'Ding, Madeleine22:37Johnson, Esther22:47Thomas,
Jill24:54Childs, Christine24:21
Ladies Vets 'C'Hanratty, Claire25:38Collins, Robin24:33Harding-
Brown, Sandra25:49Johnson2, Esther24:22
Senior Men 'A'Lawrence, Duncan16:55Ashby,
Richard18:45Fenning, John18:17Pinnell, Neil18:20Willner-Reid,
Tom17:41Wilson, Chris17:02
Senior Men 'B'Cayley, Seth18:42Bowden-Green,
Will20:25Vesterinen, Mika17:59Geddes, Harry17:50Thetford,
Roger21:12Ross, Simon19:29
Mens Vets 'A'Hanner Hopwood, Anthony18:40Lhomme,
Julien18:00Smith, Jason18:27Lowies, Kenny18:31Dales,
Simon19:18Skilbeck, Richard19:24
Mens Vets 'B'Gaden, Carl19:04Simpson, Douglas20:26Surguy,
Inigo19:50Phelps, Andy20:09Betts, Timothy19:34Woodruff,
Mens Vets 'C'Messer, James19:49Cousens, Rupert20:02Simpkins,
Paul19:52Jones, Mark20:20Crook, Stuart21:30Brame,
Mens Vets 'D'Liam Clogger21:03Steve Cowls21:31Mark
Herd22:18Kevin Byrne23:21Phil Kimber24:05Graham Norris29:21
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