2019 HRR Road Championships

Final Standings

Click here for the final results spreadsheet.


The 2019 series of races were as follows. Click through to view full details for each race.

Date Race
2018-10-14Hanney 5
2018-11-25Eynsham 10k
2019-02-17Bramley 10/20
2019-03-17Banbury 15
2019-04-07White Horse Half Marathon
2019-05-12Oxford Town & Gown 10k
2019-05-25Club 5km Series 2019 - Round 2
2019-06-04Banbury 5 mile
2019-06-30Thame CPM 10km
2019-07-20Hornton Classic 6
2019-08-04Hooky 6
2019-09-07 Cotswold Classic 10 mile
2019-10-06Hanney 5