When did you join HRR and what prompted you to join?

I joined HRR when I moved to Oxford in 2010 and was already an active EA coach. I wanted to do some interval training myself, so one week I put it out there in case anyone wanted to join me – the rest is history and we have been doing Interval sessions each Tuesday ever since!

When did you start running?

I’ve always done a bit of running, with school cross country and the like, but it was in my late 30s that I really caught the bug. A friend persuaded me to enter the Windsor half marathon and I trained alone over the summer. Race day was magical and I was hooked. I joined a running club where over years I developed as a runner within the club structure and with the help of club coaches I achieved more than I ever dreamed of. This was also where I discovered the virtues of coaching.

Evelyn Joslin Head Coach at HRR

What inspired you to become a coach/leader?

I was training with a great running group and my running benefited from this tremendously, but out coach decided to step down. Someone had to take the reins, or the group would have shut down – one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

What group coaching/leading do you do at HRR?

I’ve been coaching HRR Tuesday interval groups since 2011 and am currently the main coach for the sub-42 10K group. I also help my group with training towards specific even goals such as a marathons and half marathons. As Head Coach at HRR, I’m passionate about supporting others to become leaders and coaches – it’s massively rewarding and our club needs many more to help our members!

What is your favourite training session?

All of them – I’m always complaining that there aren’t enough Tuesdays for all the training sessions I have in my mind!

What has been your best coaching/leading moment?

I've been really proud when I see people smashing their goals, but for me it's when people come together as a team that I like the best. There is always a great buzz after any training session – where everyone has worked hard and pushed each other on.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I'd highly recommend anyone who is interested in getting more involved in helping others in their running to do the LiRF and to become a shepherd or session leader. It's really satisfying, and you can still get to train. The hardest thing is remembering everyone's names, but they will all remember yours!

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