When did you start running?

I started running at primary school and enjoyed middle and long distance running, and cross country. I then took a long break (twenty years!) where having a family and other sports took over. I got back into it around 2010 and am now an addict.

What group coaching/leading do you do at HRR?

I’m at a very early stage in my coaching/leading journey. I’ve assisted and led a few sessions on Tuesday evening intervals, which is the regular club session that I usually enjoy the most. I have plans to get more involved again on Thursday evening club runs, and to start offering some weekend runs. Trail runs through Bernwood are likely to be on the menu!

What is your favourite training session?

I enjoy the challenge of intervals training and my favourite routine is “Deek’s Quarters”, which Mark Jones introduced us to (or inflicted on us, if you prefer) one Tuesday at Horspath, before he returned to Australia. It’s a real test of stamina and pace control!

What is your favourite race or running route?

The Otmoor Challenge was my first “half marathon”, even though it is not course measured and doesn’t hold official status as a half. This - and the fact that it is decidedly low-key, passes through beautiful countryside and starts in my home village - makes it an easy choice as my favourite race.

What has been your best coaching/leading moment?

My best moment happened away from the club, where I found I was able to motivate a friend to complete her first half marathon, in Kingston-upon-Thames. I’d entered myself but was ill on the day, so went along to encourage her at the start, and give her some tips on race strategy. Being involved in a non-running capacity and helping someone else achieve a running goal was really satisfying.

Justin Davey Leader in Running Fitness
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