When did you start running?

In early 2015, in an attempt to find something to improve my health and fitness, I tried the NHS couch to 5k programme. I was amazed to find that I loved the feeling of running, and got totally hooked, entering a number of races that year, culminating in my first half, in the Oxford Half Marathon, and joined HRR immediately afterwards as a way of getting involved with other people with the same passion.

What inspired you to become a coach/leader?

I took the Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF) course in 2016 having started to help a little with the Tuesday interval training, and then the Coach in Running Fitness the following year. Unfortunately, I began to experience what I thought were injuries following the White Horse Half in April 2016, which, after a LOT of work with osteopaths and chiropractors finally turned out to be my age and genetics catching up with me in the form of wear to my spine causing nerve root impingement, effectively making it impossible for me to run.

What group coaching/leading do you do at HRR?

I now get my running kicks vicariously through coaching - mostly via putting the lovely Tuesday evening athletes through their paces.

Steve Lewis Coach in Running Fitness at HRR
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