Club Timetrial Final
Date:Thursday 02 Sep 2021
Place:Wherever you like
For more info:
Details:You can post a virtual Time Trial time by solo running a
4-mile course of your choice any time between the Monday
and Thursday of this week. It should be as close to 4
miles as possible and flat. I will also expect you to
run the same course for all the other virtual Time
Trials. You can, of course use the official course as
long as you run it alone or with socially distanced

After you have recorded your time, email it to me and, if
you already have a Time Trial handicap, I will calculate
your time relative to the handicap and post the results
on the website on the Friday. If you don't have a
handicap yet, your time will create a handicap for the
next time.
Entered by: Will Atkinson

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