Interval session: VARIOUS LOCATIONS
Date:Tuesday 22 Jun 2021
For more info: Tuesday Interval Training...
Details:The sessions will consist of work on technique/drills and around 15-40 minutes for the main session. Please arrive at 7:00pm having completed at least a one mile jog warm up.

These groups will operate within the guidelines set by England Athletics for a Covid 19 Secure Environment for so long as UKGov Covid restrictions apply.

The key points are:

1) Participants must pre-book a place on each session and provide contact details. The link to sign-up is distributed via the members email distribution each week. Please contact Evelyn (email below) if you haven't received the details or are not a current member.

2) Participants within a group should adhere to social distancing rules before, during the warm up, and during the warm down exercises to minimise transmission risk.

3) Any participant testing positive for Covid 19 or exhibiting symptoms within 5 days of attending a session should inform the session leader.
Entered by: Evelyn Joslin

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