Thame 10k
Date:Sunday 05 Sep 2021
Place:Thame, Oxfordshire
For more info:http://
Details:The organising committee felt that running the race in
June 2021 may be still doubtful for all adults to compete
safely. The date for this year’s race to be Sunday 5th
September 2021 at 9.30 a.m. They already have 297
entrants deferred from 2020 and new entries are possible
on the Run Britain website. While they hope to be able to
field our normal 1000 limit of runners, they will stop
taking entries this year when we reach 600 in total. Once
they get advice from England Athletics and general safety
guidelines that a larger field is safe, they would aim to
open up to a further 200 to 400 more entrants.
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Entered by: David Sawyer

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