Add new photo(s) to gallery

1. Your name:
2. Your email address:
3. Gallery to add photos to:
Typically this will be a race name (and year), or a social event. For example:
  • Bourton 10k 2008
  • Man v Horse 2008

Choosing an existing gallery will automatically add your photos to existing ones (so multiple people can upload photos into a specific group - race, social event, whatever). The field will autocomplete in order to group photos most effectively.

ALL photos will be uploaded to the same gallery. If you want to upload photos to different galleries, fill in the form for each (or each batch).

4. Additional tags or comments:
The tags/comment are shown underneath the photo in the popup. Typically this will include the name of the runner(s). Separate tags with commas, for example:
  • Fred Bloggs, something, something else

Tags are applied to ALL photos uploaded. If you want to upload photos with different tags, fill in the form for each (or each batch).

5. Enter password:
6. Select photos: (JPEGs only please)

For galleries to automatically appear on the front page, they need to contain at least 2 photos.

Images will be resized on upload, but attempting to upload several very large (8 mega-pixel+) images has been reported to sometimes fail. I have made some configuration changes, and believe the issue is now resolved. However, if you experience problems with such files, please either resize images first or upload them one or two at a time. Any problems, just let me know.

Unless you are the parent/guardian, please do not post images of any minors (under 16s).

Please ensure you own the copyright to the image(s). (For example, photos taken and distributed by professional race photographers should not be uploaded unless permission has been granted.)