Health and Safety

HRR has a ‘Duty of Care’ towards its members, and is responsible for ensuring that all club activities are safe. To fulfil this duty, England Athletics Club recommends that clubs implement a Health and Safety policy and associated Risk Assessments. 

Having a Health and Safety policy and Risk Assessment helps to manage and mitigate risks, to give members confidence that they can take part in running activities safely. The health and safety of club members is the joint responsibility of the HRR Committee and the Health & Safety Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the implementation and updating of the club’s Health and Safety Policy and associated risk assessments.

The HRR Health & Safety Coordinator is: Leonie Glasson

Please get in touch with the Health & Safety Coordinator if you have any concerns. 

Health & Safety Policy:

The HRR Health and Safety Policy is available here

This was last updated in July 2024

Risk Assessment:

The HRR Risk Assessment is available here

This was last updated in May 2024

Reporting Accidents/Incidents/Fatalities

Please report all accidents, incidents (“near misses”), and fatalities to the club here.

The information from these reports is used by HRR to help prevent future occurrences of similar incidents.

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