HRRers and ex-HRRers in the UK Top 50 for 2004
Date:29 Dec 2004
Article:Hearty congratulations to Jude Craft, 37th in the half-marathon lists at 78:41 and an excellent 13th in the 5K road lists at 16:33.

In the world of race walking Graham Chapman closed in 12th in the 5000m track lists with 23:53.

Ex-members figuring in the running lists are :
James Bowler, 19th in the 3000m and 9th in the 5K road lists
Maddie Horton, 35th in the 10K road and 14th in the Half-marathon lists
Mara Yamauchi, 8th in the Marathon and 7th in the Half-Marathon lists.

Apologies if anyone's achievement has been missed ! Lists published by Athletics Weekly and Race Walking Record.
Entered by: Graham Chapman

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