Age-grading to re-live the senior times !
Date:04 May 2005
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Article:Thought that this might appeal to folks to are interested in age grading their race times (or any other athletic event they do).

The above web site will give you an age-grading for just about any event, but it also gives you the equivalent time that a senior would have to run to do the in a way you can sort of tell yourself how you would have done, compare the time with what you maybe did do as a senior, you can work out your age-graded PB and also easily compare between events to find out if your better at 5km or the marathon ! Hours of fun !

Go to the above web site and fill in the distance/event (there is a pull donw menu for the 'distance' runs), enter your time and select male/female and then simply hit the 'age-grade' button. You will get your age grading as a % of world best for your age, just as I work out for the club 5km, and also the equivalent senior time.

Hope you enjoy it, I feel a little happier with my Silverstone result now realising that it is an age-graded PB and equivalent to a time 4 mins faster than I ever ran as a senior !
Entered by: Mark Hirst

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