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Date:12 May 2005
Article:From UKA: Coach Licence Renewal
11 May 2005 10:32

With a busy period of coach licence renewal underway, UK Athletics would like to say thank you to those 4000 coaches that have already completed this process. However, it is clear that some coaches need extra assistance in completing the process and so we are extending the renewal deadline to 31st August 2005. This will allow coaches extra time to ask any questions about the process.
The renewal process is all part of the ongoing learning and development of coaches. This can be done through various activities and is certainly not restricted to just courses. The renewal forms received so far, reflect coaches’ participation at squad weekends, exchange of coaching ideas and practice with fellow coaches and some have even carried over learning experiences from day to day working life.
The tireless and tremendous efforts that coaches and volunteers put in week on week and year on year is invaluable - coaches are extremely selfless individuals and it is certainly true that athletics would not function without them. However, there are some frequently asked questions from your renewal queries that we would like to answer for you:
Q. Why do I need to renew? Isn’t it just another piece of paperwork?
A. Renewal is taking place so that we can achieve several objectives. Firstly we need to acknowledge coaches’ learning and the efforts you are making to further increase your skills – after all we believe that continuous learning will ensure a better environment for athletes. And the feedback we have received from coaches who have already renewed tells us that you feel continuous learning is important too.
We would also like to ensure we have an accurate database of active coaches as this will help us develop an understanding of where they are working so we can plan around them, support them and fund them more accurately. Most importantly we need to make sure we have up to date information as to who needs to be insured in their coaching activities.
Q. What does ‘learning’ or ‘credits’ have to do with renewal?
A. Learning credits are used simply as a guide for coaches to work out what part of their coaching activities can be classed as learning. It is important that those who want to assess their progress can count up the credits they have earned during their time. In the renewal process we ask you to extract the learning aspects from your coaching activities – credits are a way of helping you identify these components.
Q. So how do I get learning credits?
A. UK Athletics have provided some examples of more formal renewal activities. But in reality the list is endless. Credits can be earned in a variety of methods, many of which you will encounter in your day to day coaching activities. E.g. coaching, meeting other coaches, sharing information, questioning, researching, listening, supporting, organising, delivering and presenting. Even reading magazines or books on coaching or similar areas count towards your credits. All the renewal process asks you to do is complete a reflective note for the required amount of learning you undertake – to show how you are “applying” what you are learning.
Q. So are you saying no credits, no renewal?
A. No, not at all. Credits do not drive renewal, but as a sport requiring many different skills we have to demonstrate that our coaches agree with the principle of continuous learning and development – and that we have a way of recording it. This isn’t something that affects only athletics. Many other sports go through the same process with their coaching fraternity.
Even if you do not think you have enough credits, but you still want to continue to coach you can still renew, using either the reflective note in the renewal pack, or on the renewal form. However, we need to hear from you and know what you have been doing so that we can update our records, so please do complete the forms and get in touch.
Q. I’m a higher level coach – learning about my athletes and their events all the time. Can’t UKA come up with a better way of acknowledging my learning activities?
A. UK Athletics are set to review the system following this renewal process. However, following consultation with a range of level 4 coaches within the sport, we have decide to automatically renew all level 4 coaches this time around – all we need you to do is to complete and return the renewal data form sent out in March so that we can update your information on the database. In the future, regionalisation will help us to offer more personalised support. We would like to say thank you to the level 4 coaches who had already completed and returned their renewal forms prior to this announcement.
Q. What will happen if I decide not to renew?
A. Important! You will not be a licensed UKA coach. We will unfortunately be unable to provide you with insurance cover beyond 31st August 2005. We cannot guarantee that clubs and local authorities will allow you access to facilities and equipment. UKA and partner organisations may be unable to appoint you to coaching positions with representative teams.
Q. Ok then, I will renew. But I’ve lost my paperwork, how do I get a new copy?
A. Please contact your Regional Education and Training Administrator (RETA) who will be able to arrange for a replacement pack to be sent to you. Their details can be found on the UK Athletics website. Follow the link to ‘Getting Involved’, then on to ‘Coaching’.
Q. All done… what happens next?
A. UKA will issue your updated licence as quickly as possible from the date of receipt of your paperwork. Returning your forms will enable UKA to:
Update your details on the database
Send you a new licence indicating that you:
have a qualification;
have met minimum standards;
carry insurance;
can continue to gain access to facilities and equipment.
Q. How long before I have to renew again?
A. The renewal period has been extended, so you will be asked to renew your licence again within 3 years.
Q. I still have some questions that haven’t been answered. Who should I speak to?
A. Please contact your RETA or a member of the individual services team at UK Athletics on 0870 998 6800. Alternatively you may wish to visit the UK Athletics website at
Entered by: Mark Hirst

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