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Date:17 Oct 2005
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Article:Dear Club,

You might have heard something about the reorganisation of athletics atthe national level. It started with the Foster report entitled "Moving On" of May 2004 and leads to the creation of "England Athletics" in April 2006. As part of the process, each club has been asked to have a whole club discussion and to respond via a postal ballot. This is rather important.

I have organised a forum which all club members are invited to attend next Thursday, 20th October 2005 at 9pm in the Back Hall of OXSRAD. Copies of relevant documents will be available in OXSRAD before the meeting. Not everyone will be able to attend, and in any case, you might like more time to consider the matters. Therefore this message points you towards the documents and invites responses by e-mail (reply to I will take those e-mails to the forum and we will include them in the club response, due in by 25 October.

The website is listed above and the "faq" section seems to be the best way to introduce yourself to the issues. Then look especially at "independent poll pdf" under the quick downloads heading.

The document is entitled "Moving on - a charter for change" and it argues for four proposals concerning:
ii) accountability,
iii) financial direction
iv) a new membership scheme.

Your response might simply be yes or no to each question, or you might like to add comments.

NB 1 Question iv) catches one's attention with the sentence "It is proposed that individual members of affiliated English clubs will pay an annual fee of 5."

Note that HRR currently pays just over 300 in affiliation fees; this proposal would take that figure towards 1500.

NB 2 Just incidentally, I find to be a well organised website with fast response and download times - a good start!

Crispin Hetherington
(Chair HRR)
Entered by: mark hirst

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