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Date:01 Nov 2005
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Article:Reported on UKA Website: Clubs back Foster Report in independent poll
29 Oct 2005 13:56

Britainís 1,492 athletics clubs have been polled about key issues arising out of the Foster Report on the future of athletics in this country. The nationwide independent poll was conducted by the Electoral Reform Services.

465 clubs voted, representing 31.5\% of the total poll. The poll results were weighted to take into account club size.

Clubs were asked for their opinions on four key elements of the Foster proposals. Voting was as follows:

Local Delivery: 58.6% voted Yes; 34.6% voted No; 6.8% expressed no view.

Governance and Accountability: 55.6% Yes; 35.8% No; 8.5% no view.

Finance : 50.3% Yes; 40.5% No; 9.2% no view.

Membership and Data: 41.4% Yes; 53.6% No; 5.0% no view.

The full results of the poll will be available on athletic websites from Monday 31 October.

Jack Buckner, Project Director, said: ďWe are delighted with the expression of support from clubs. The debate and indeed the whole process has now reached a positive conclusion. Itís time to unite to raise standards for 2012, and build a stronger sport at the grassroots level.

ďAt the same time we need to recognize the messages clubs are sending us. Firstly the turn-out suggests the majority of clubs are tired of the politics within our sport. Itís time to move on. Secondly there is more work to be done on membership. Membership is never likely to be popular until the benefits are clear and we have a responsibility to deliver a scheme that offers great benefits and outstanding value for money.Ē

David Moorcroft, Chief Executive of UK Athletics, said: ďIím really delighted with the result. It has been a long time coming but we have finally been given an endorsement for change. We can now move forward without hesitation Ė letís really make it work.Ē

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