New HRR event diary
Date:03 Nov 2005
Article:As you can see on the front page, a new event diary has been added to the site. This is intended to make it clearer to view forthcoming club training sessions, races and any other events. It "swallows" the old race diary. This should help to keep training sessions and other transient data more up to date, and avoid static pages becoming out of date. To post a new item, simply follow the Post Event link on the front page. You will see a form containing the relevant fields for completion. The fields are self-explanatory - and not all will be relevant to all types of event of course. Posting Password? Training and miscellaneous events require a posting password - the same as that for the existing News and Results databases that have been in operation for a while now. Races do not require a password (the field is disabled when the type field is set to "Race"). This is so non-members can post race details (exactly as has been the case for the old race diary). Posting a series of events Certain events (particularly club training sessions) occur each and every week, and details (other than the date) change little between each. To facilitate entering a series of such events, there is a Copy event feature. To use this: Add the first event in the series, and then click on it in the events listing to display its contents in a popup window. (Or simply click on the last item already entered to extend an existing series.) Click the Copy event button A form containing the various fields all completed will be displayed. By default, the date will have been incremented by 1 week since the original. Adjust fields as necessary, click submit to enter the item as a new event. Note: the original event is not altered whatsoever Modifying/Deleting an event From the popup window, there is a Modify event button that can be used to change the content of any particular event. As for posting a new event, all except for races require the posting password for the modification to be successful. From the modify event form, there is also a checkbox for deleting an event - simply check, and submit and the event will be deleted. Hope people like the feature, any comments, complaints etc, please let me know!
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