Track sessions and guidance on sessions into spring.
Date:05 Dec 2005

Thanks to Mark for track session details and this guidance information.

Specific details of each track session can be seen in the event diary.

If you're starting out track sessions for the first time as part of your new year's training resolution, please follow the link given in each session listed in the Events diary and read the guidance notes on Track Running, Track Etiquete and Winter Track training provided. Jan 3rd - Feb 28th

For track sessions in January and February, we will continue with longer reps with mixed paces, working on speed endurance. We will also be moving towards faster paced work. The next few months is the build up to the championship XCs (Southern and National) and to spring 10km/5km and relays so think about your goals over the next two months so you can focus on a target. For those aiming at the major XC champs the Saturday sessions will be aimed at developing specific XC skills to complement the track sessions

There are too many XC races between now and the end of XC season to consider doing every track session and race at full effort. I would recommend that for the session immediately after a race, drop to doing only half the session as indicated. Iíve included Bourton 10km as a target race as itís the most likely local course for a PB.

Mar 7th - Apr 25th

With the XC season behind you, and as we move into spring and early summer, the emphasis will be on building on the strength and endurance work from the winter by continuing the progression to faster paced running. Again, ensure that you allow sufficient recover from weekend races and if you are aiming at a spring marathon, speak to me about some different marathon-specific sessions you should consider using in place of the standard club sessions.

We will be aiming to finish each session with an element of faster: 200m and 150m differentials. As with all fast paced reps, these should be carried out at a fast, but controlled pace. Try and maintain the emphasis on good style, running tall, with strong leg drive from the toes and good arm movement.

With the 150m reps, I want you to really focus on your running style and you should therefore run these individually (starting 5 secs apart). This way they are not races and you can concentrate on relaxing and maintaining a smooth running style and not on beating someone else.

The first club 5km will be on Saturday March 11th.

General Track Info

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