Meet up to do your marathon speedwork on Tuesdays
Date:03 Feb 2006
Article:If you're following a schedule for a spring marathon, it will almost certainly suggest that you do some faster paced running, usually in the form of repetition runs (reps) or fartlek. For those following the Runners World Schedules for London, these sessions are on Tuesdays. A group will be getting together to do these sessions together each Tuesday until the London Marathon, so why not come along and meet your fellow marathoners ? The group will meet on Tuesday evening, to start at 6.45pm, at the Marston end of Marston ferry Road (by the telephone box). Feb 7th: we'll be doing Yasso 800's. These are runs of 800m at a pace that is almost your 5km pace. The easy way to work this out is to come with your target marathon time or a recent 10km time. If you're aiming for 3.45 marathon, you run the 800m in 3 mins and 45 seconds. The session will be for people to do between 4 and 7 of these reps, the number depending upon how experienced you are.

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Entered by: Mark Hirst

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