New routes database on site
Date:17 Feb 2006
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There is now a database of running routes (with maps) on the HRR web site. Some of these are from the club handbook, or simply popular routes that are regularly shepherded on a Thursday night. The club 5k and timetrial routes are also included.

To Browse Routes Follow the "Routes" link on the left-hand toolbar. This will let you browse the routes. Click on any of the route names to view the details and map (and access the link to modify that route).

To Post/Update Routes Club members are able to post new routes, or modify existing ones as necessary (same password as for news and results item posting).

Some guidelines for posting For consistency in the routes, use Try not to repeat a route that is already there. Minor variations can be described in the variations field. Input at a large magnification to maintain quality and accuracy. Where appropriate add/update brief route notes, and note facilities such as water stops on long runs. Details can be modified and edited after posting by clicking the "Modify Route" link Amenities (water, toilets etc) where applicable can be added within the Facilities field Please indicate units of measurement for distance (miles, km) The table of routes on the main page is sorted alphabetically by route name (it will likely be grouped as the number of routes increases) Route notes and variations fields support simple HTML tags.

Thanks Ian and Mark for their work on this.

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