Spring 2006 Track Sessions
Date:14 Apr 2006

Thanks to Mark for track session details and this guidance information.

Specific details of each track session can be seen in the event diary.

We will be continuing the progression to faster paced running. There are also more taper groups for important local races, so if you are racing, you can still come along and train with the group. We will be aiming to finish each session with an element of faster: 200m and 150m differentials. As with all fast paced reps, these should be carried out at a fast, but controlled pace. Try and maintain the emphasis on good style, running tall, with strong leg drive from the toes and good arm movement. With the 150m reps, I want you to really focus on your running style and you should therefore run these individually (starting 5 secs apart).

Post race advice: Either rest or do only half the session, maximum. If you feel tired as you start the session, call it a day and just go home. The usual rule to work on is that after a race, you should take a rest and not do a hard session for one day per mile raced; instead do some gentle paced running to allow muscle damage to repair itself. Eg if you race the club 5km (3M) on the Saturday, you should be recovered sufficiently for the Tuesday session, whereas for a 10km you should still be recovering.

You will also notice that some of the recoveries are longer than you have been doing up until now; this will allow you to recover fully, allowing you to focus on a fast and relaxed pace. Your warm-up for the faster paced-sessions should include 3-4 strides of 50m progressively faster paced running to prepare your legs for the reps. There are various options built into these sessions that allow you to tailor them to your weekly schedule. As a general guide, if you are training to run 10km or above, you should be aiming to do no more than 5\% of your weekly mileage at 5km pace or faster, unless you know from experience you can handle more than this. Use this as a guide to how many reps you do or speak to Mark or Allison for advice. General Track Info

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