SEAA 6 Stage Club Results
Date:08 Apr 2002
Article:Womens 6 Stage Road Relays Results 7th April 2002 Milton Keynes 5506m 1 Shaftsbury Barnet 2hours: 22 seconds 2 Bedford 2:01:46 3 Highgate 2:02:57 4 Belgrave 2:03:22 5 Havant 2:03:59 6 Headington A 2:04:51 23 Headington B 2:23:39 24 Banbury 2:23:42 27 South London 2:26:50 A Team 1 Malindi Myers 19:59 2 Anna Loveless 22:12 3 Jo Choulerton 22:31 4 Kirstie Andersen 20:02 5 Iona Robertson 20:26 6 Allison Hirst 19:41 B Team 1 Phillipa Jones 22:10 2 Louise Dennis 25:04 3 Jane Bell 24:41 4 Niki Meston 23:08 5 Marie-Anne Fischer 25:06 6 Helen Turley 23:30 On a windswept, but sunny, afternoon in Milton Keynes two HRR women's squads took on the South of England in the Southern 6 Stage road Relays.The group start was led of by Phillipa and Malindi and our two sqauds battled it out over the next 2 hours. The A team finished in a good 6th overall behind some strong superclubs and the B team managed to secure a victory over Banbury women's team to round off the day.It was a great squad performance with Niki, Jane, Marie-Anne, Louise, Helen and Anna all making their regional road relay debuts for the club. Well done to everyone who ran who all deserved their club chunkies. Rob Moye came along and said 'Hi to everyone'. Our last expedition to this event was in 2000 when the club was 13th overall so a great improvemnt and something to build on for next year. Now we can look forward to the Oxon road relays in a few weeks time and maybe the Women's Nationals at the end of April. Which begs the question....where are the men ?
Entered by: Mark Hirst

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