Speed sessons for July - Marston Ferry Road
Date:01 Jul 2006
Article:The track is now closed until September so we'll move the speed sessions to Marston Ferry Road. Meet at the phone box (ie at the Marston and Oxsrad end) at 7:30, already warmed up.
Oxsrad will be open all evening if you need to change and leave belongings there.

We'll stick to a similar format to the track sessions - a dynamic warm up then the intervals. We'll use the measured 100m marks but the slight undulations mean your times will not be as consistent as you all manage on the track!

Please keep to the left and watch out for bicycles.

For July we'll stick to relatively short intevals as we did in June - the emphasis being on building up the physiology in your muscles to help you build speed. We suggest that you take a reasonable amount of recovery between reps and then also in some sessions, a little bit more between sets. This will allow your muscles to get maximal benefit from the session by fully recovering between efforts so that the next set can be run properly.

Fast sessions like these are very tough on the muscles; even though you are not running very far (in distance) your muscles will come under a high stress load. Each rep should be run in as relaxed and smooth way as possible; if you are straining then your moving too fast and avoid trying to keep the pace by over-striding; rather, try to increase your cadence. Take care and do not continue a session if you have any tightness or feel any discomfort. Make sure you are fully hydrated before and during the session (it’s easy to drive home from work in a hot car and forget to drink).

You must be warmed-up thoroughly to do these sessions. Please be warmed up before we start at 7:30 - eg jog from home or jog a mile or two. We'll start each session with usual dynamic warm-up and strides and then do a 400m sustained faster-paced warm-up run, building to the pace you will do in the 400 m over the final 50m. At the end of each session, warm down and recover with up to a mile of gentle running.

With regard the number of reps in each session, this should be proportionate to your weekly mileage. For each session, we’ve suggested a range of reps to do for the group Eg 8-12, choose a number to do based upon your experience, weekly mileage and your planned training load for that week. New and in experienced runners and those doing less than 25 miles a week should not exceed the lower number. In all cases, you are not aiming to run as fast a possible, but as consistently as possible, so all reps should be roughly the same time and your last final rep as ‘good’ as your first.

July 4th: 8-12 x 400m @ 1500m pace. 90 secs recovery between reps

July 11th: 3-4 x (400m, 300m, 200m (60secs jog recovery between each)), 4 mins between sets. The 400m is at 1500m pace, the 300 and 200 are each at a slightly faster pace ( a few seconds) that you can sustain in the set).

July 18th 3-4 x (3 x 300m/ 2 mins) 3 mins between sets

July 25th 8-12 x 400m @ 1500m pace. 90 secs recovery between reps

Ian Meadowcroft
Mark Hirst (Coach)
Entered by: Ian Meadowcroft

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