Track sessions until Xmas 2006
Date:08 Sep 2006
Article:Autumn-Winter track sessions

As we move into winter, some advice:

Unless you have a target race for which you have been aiming to peak for in September/October, and you have been training hard all summer, this is a very good time of year to consider taking a break for a month or so. This will give your legs a well deserved break and you will return to it fresher! The emphasis of the track sessions now switches to complement and support the XC season ahead of us. As the evenings get colder we will start to focus more on longer reps, with variable recoveries and as the winter proceeds we will start to add some interspersed with short reps to keep the legs moving ! For those focussing on XC this winter, you should be aiming to combine longer reps with the Saturday hill-oriented session, integrating whatever shorter work you usually do to sharpen for races if required. As we move into winter, many of the sessions will help you train for fast XC race starts and for the changes of pace required in XC races, such as passing opponents or tackling hills mid-race. Differential reps involve running the repetition at two or more paces. Eg start at a fast pace, followed by settling into and sustaining a slightly slower pace. They also relieve the tedium of long reps on the track. Tapering advice: if you are hoping to do well in a race the following weekend you are advised to do no more than half of the session, similarly for sessions 2-3 days after a race. It is very easy to wear yourself down with the number of races over winter. Choose your races carefully and remember that the ‘big’ races are after Xmas…County, Southern XC and National XC events, not to mention the PB Bourton 10km course.

Finally, for everyone: As we move into winter, please make sure you that you are suitably warmed-up for the group mobility/dynamic stretching and that you wear warm clothing. Be prepared to run in the dark and also, if its icy, to go for a run elsewhere (Morrell Avenue is always a favourite).

(Thanks to Mark for these sessions and details.)

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