Final standings in club championships
Date:30 Nov 2006
Article:Final standings in the 2006 club championships were as follows:

SM: 1st - Richard Skilbeck; 2nd - Paul Brame; 3rd - Stephen Hands
M40: 1st - Gavin Bird; 2nd - Andy Phelps; 3rd - Ross Logan
M50: 1st - Laurie Hurman; 2nd - Graham Norris; 3rd - Manny Stone and Michael Worthington
M60: 1st - Kit Villiers

SL: 1st - Adrienne Hopkins; 2nd - Emma Croft; 3rd - Sally Howard
L35: 1st - Louise Oliver; 2nd - Anita James; 3rd - Cindy Warwick
L45: 1st - Marie-Anne Fischer; 2nd - Gill Evans; 3rd - Helen Turley
L55: 1st - Maureen O'Sullivan

Full results tables are in the November newsletter
Entered by: Adrienne Hopkins

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