Oxon County XC Championships
Date:14 Dec 2006
Article:The Oxfordshire County XC Championships are being held at Hosrpath on Sunday 7th January 2007. These championships are hosted by Oxford City this year. Races start from 10.00am with the mini-minors, followed by under 13s, under 15s etc. The women race at 11.40am (6000 metres) and the men at 12.00 midday (10,500metres). There is further information and a sign up sheet on the club noticeboard. I have to put names forward in the club entry by the end of December. To qualify, you must either be Oxfordshire born, or have lived in the county for a minimum of 9 months. This is another good opportunity to represent HRR at XC, and it is very local for most of you. Please do not be put off by the name of the event. If you run XC on a Saturday or Sunday with the club and enjoy it, there is no reason why you cannot run in the county champs. If you would like to sign up by email, or have any questions, please direct them to me at r.skilbeck@btinternet.com.
Entered by: Richard Skilbeck

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