Spring Marathon Training
Date:17 Jan 2007
During the build up to the London and other spring time marathons the normal Sunday runs from OXSRAD will continue.
The normal Sunday runs meet at 10am for a 10.10 departure usually from OXSRAD. They are usually for 90 mins and cover approx. 10 miles.
However, there will also be additional runs offered for those who wish to use the Club Sunday runs as an integral part of their training programme.
Those planning to complete their marathon in 3hr 45mins or slower are recommended to focus on the Sunday runs offered by Mike Yeats and Ian Macpherson. These runs are generally at approx 9 minute mile pace. This pace, if maintained, equates to a marathon time of 3hrs 56 mins. However during the training runs, runners can run either faster or slower than the training pace looping back as appropriate.
Those looking to do sub 3hr 45 mins are recommended to focus on the runs offered by Yiannis.
For more details refer to the "What's On" section of the HRR website.

Whether you are a sub-3hour marathon runner or (even more so) if you are aiming to beat 10mins off your 4:10 time you will find significant benefit to speed training. To keep things simple we plan to follow a Yasso programme in parallel to the ordinary Tuesday 7:30pm speed sessions at the Iffley track.
The idea behind Yasso is simple: if you want to run a marathon in 2:45, 3:29 or 4:11, you should train to the point where you can run 10 repetitions of 800 metres in the same time: 2:45, 3:29 or 4:11. The only difference is that your marathon time is hours:minutes and your 800 time is minutes:seconds.
We have started from a base of 5 or 6 x 800s (with 2mins recovery) and aim for 10-12, 2 weeks before the marathon.
There will be some variation to that schedule to make it a bit more exciting and challenging.
If you can’t join us at the track, it is easy to follow this programme at your own time at Marston Ferry road.

If you are interested in learning more about marathon training, there will be an informal talk and exchange of views on the subject on Thursday 25th January after the club run. We’ll go over the sorts of schedule people are doing and answer any questions they have (like 'Why am I doing this particular session?' etc..) highlight runner's personal preferences (such as 'How do I incorporate hill training into my schedule?'), importance of rest days, eating the right things, doing your best to prevent injury and overtraining and ways to measure your progress should the training be going correctly.
Entered by: Yiannis Fitsakis

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