Saturday XC Sessions Ahead
Date:31 Aug 2007
Article:XC Saturday Training Sessions: not just for those doing XC !

XC season is almost upon once more and so its time to get yourself in shape for the hills and mud. Saturday training sessions in South Park will be starting at the end of September. Once again this year, coached training sessions will be held on non-XC race weekends. The sessions will start at 10am and last approximately 50 minutes and will involve various hill repetitions, some steady running up/down hills and, of course, a more sustained 10-12 minutes timetrial by which you can measure your improvement over the winter. They are obviously great for XC racing, but will help improve your strength and endurance for any running event.

The sessions are suitable for runners of all abilities, although if you have had any lower leg injuries (particularly calf or Achilles), are new to running hills or are a little unsure what running XC is all about, please talk to Mark before the session starts. If you want to launch into these sessions in a big way, you should start adding hills to your weekly runs now and get running off-road as much as possible, as Chiltern League race 1 is less than 6 weeks away ! Depending on the weather this autumn, South Park can be tackled with road shoes until it gets wet, when you'll need something with more grip such as off-road, fell, stud or spiked shoes. As always, if you're going to race in spikes or studs, you should get some practise in them asap and ease the legs into the extra demands they place upon them gradually !

We'll be running on these dates: Sept 29th, Oct 6th, 20th, 27th, Nov 17th, Dec 8th, 15th and 22nd
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