HRR email lists - only members may email the lists
Date:06 Nov 2007
Article:As you are probably aware, there are several email lists to which large numbers of HRR members subscribe. A few months ago, to stop problems with spam I made a couple of changes:

only members of the lists can send messages to the list. Other emails from non list members get queued for approval
only relatively small messages are permitted. So, if you attempt to send large images or documents, the message will be queued for approval.

However, the sheer volume of spam messages (several hundred per day) now makes it pretty near impossible to sift out the legitimate messages that require approval. I would like to stop monitoring the approval queue therefore.

So, in short, if you attempt to email the list from an address not subscribed to that list, it will not go through (and will not be manually approved). Similarly, attempts to send a large email (typically containing some large document or image attachment) will fail. I have increased the size limit to 100kB, to permit most 'ordinary' attachments.

Based on the legitimate messages I have seen requiring approval recently, these changes should cause minimal inconvenience. Just let me know if there are any problems.
Entered by: Fraser

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