Yoga sessions with Jo and Corinna
Date:21 Feb 2009

Following an initial successful season of Yoga at HRR, the FREE yoga sessions will continue in 2009! Yoga is about bringing balance to the body and the mind, and can complement and help you with your running, cycling, swimming or any other sport. Yoga improves flexibility and core body strength. Many postures are restoratory and perfect for preventing or recovering from injury. Breathing and focusing the mind helps with concentration, stress management, and relaxation. So come along to yoga after a run! (Or instead of a run if the cold dark evenings don't appeal!)

Sessions will be held on the following evenings starting at around 8:30 pm in the back hall of Oxsrad, and run for an hour:

January 8 22 February 12 March 26 March

All levels of experience are welcome - from complete beginner to seasoned practitioner. Each successive session builds on the previous one, and will be designed so that you learn basic postures and routines that you can even practice on your own. We will also spend some time in each session focusing on specific body parts to help open and loosen up hips, strengthen abs, etc. We suggest that you change into loose clothing after running with an extra layer for warmth. If you have a yoga mat, bring it along. Mats are also available to borrow as well as for sale during each session. Ideally, you should not eat before a yoga session, but if you can grab a bite between running / showering / yoga we won't be doing anything that will interfere with you having eaten.

To register your interest, or for more information, please email or simply come along and try it!

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