Results for Brighton added to XC Spreadsheet
Date:30 Jan 2012
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The SEAA XC Championships took place on Saturday January 28th in Stanmer Park in Brighton. There is an article about the event on the EA web site. This links to a set of results that are on the thepowerof10 web site. The results are also on the SEAA web site.

The times recorded for runners in the Women's race after position 192 (which is 00:40:37) changes to a strange time system. The runner in position 193 finished in 0.0282407 and the last woman finished in a time of 0.0520602. This had me baffled. However, Tim Doole has e-mailed me saying if you download the excel file from the powerof10 site and then use the format painter to copy the format down the women's numbers turn into times. Thanks, that worked for me.

The event forms part of the HRR XC Championships. The spreadsheet for the HRR XC Championships has now been updated to include these results.

Entered by: Barry Cornelius

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