HRRers in the National Rankings for September : Here comes Tracy !
Date:21 Oct 2002
Article:Places in the September ranking lists are particularly hard to come by as most of the country's top runners turn out for one of the big 10Ks (Bradford, Cardiff, Swansea, the Nationals) or the Great South Run over 10 miles. So congratulations are particularly in order to :

Allison Hirst, her 36:41 at the Nationals was the 47th best 10K time for a British woman in September

Tracy Galbraith, her 36:14 at Langham was the 33rd best

Jude Craft, her 35:39 at Bradford was the 27th best

Tracy Galbraith again, her 61:27 at Witney (a much hillier course than the Great South Run) was 19th best 10 mile time by a British woman in September

and after the Great South Run, Jude Craft's 58:30 at Maidenhead is the 14th best 10 mile time for a British woman in 2002.

All data from the September 'British Runner'. Apologies if I missed anyone
Entered by: Graham Chapman

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