HRRers in the National Rankings for November : Four Top Ten Placings
Date:10 Dec 2002
Article:Congratulations to :

Steve Kimber, his 33:55 at Eynsham was the 48th best 10K time for a British man in November

Jo Choulerton, her 39:59 there was the 44th best time for a British woman

Sue Walters - was it you, Sue, with 90:29 at Gosport, 38th best half-marathon time ?

Steve Male, his 25:45 at Wolverton was the 30th best 5 mile time for a British man in November

Philippa Jones, her 19:17 at Stevenage was the 19th best 5K time for a British woman

Iona Robertson, her 37:31 at Eynsham was 12th best 10K time by a British woman

Allison Hirst, her 36:12 there was seventh best

Maddie Horton, her 3:06:35 at Cornwall was the fifth best marathon time for a UK woman in November

Tracy Galbraith, her 35:50 at Eynsham was the fifth best 10K time

Jude Craft, her 35:14 at Eynsham was fourth best.

All data from the December 'British Runner'. Apologies to anyone I missed . . .
Entered by: Graham Chapman

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