Captains' Five Mile Challenge
Date:21 May 2016
Article:Captains’ Five Mile Challenge

This year Simon and I want to introduce something a bit different to the club, so we met with Evelyn a couple of months ago to discuss ideas, and agreed on the ‘Captains’ Five Mile Challenge’

What is it?
It’s an individual challenge, using three local five mile races throughout the summer to train for and measure your progress at each race. It will start with the Didcot 5 on 3rd July, followed by Headington 5 on 28th August and finishing with Hanney 5 on 2nd October. Progress will be measured by your improvement in time as a percentage of your first race, and all you need to do is run in at least two of these races to take part.

Why take part?
Most of us know how difficult it can be to motivate ourselves to train when we haven’t set ourselves a goal, and we’d like to think this will help with that. It will also provide a good background for anyone planning to do cross country over the winter or run a half marathon later in the year. Having people to train with also makes it more fun.

Why five miles?
Firstly five miles is a distance that everyone who runs regularly should be able to do (it’s only one more mile than the timetrial). Secondly, we noticed that these three races are evenly spaced across the summer which means they fit in perfectly with blocks of training, and will provide a good indicator as to how your training is progressing. They are also pretty flat so should serve well for time comparisons too. All three races are part of the grand prix series too, so by taking part you are also helping to score points for the club.

How do I train for it?
We all run a different number of days a week, so we’ll be providing some information about structured training and suggested plans over the five mile challenge period starting next month. The summer is a good time to start training as there is already a lot going on that serve as good training sessions, for example the club timetrial, club 5k and motivation series, as well as the Tuesday and Wednesday speedwork sessions (although you shouldn’t do both of these speed sessions in the same week!). As there is plenty going on, there will always be other people to train with.

So look out in next month’s newsletter for details of how to get started!
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