Mota-vation 2018
Date:22 Mar 2018
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It'll be £20 again this year for the race series*

If you haven't entered the Mota-vation series before - then do give it a go this year. It's a series of 5 roughly 4 mile races predominately made up of runners from local running clubs.

HRR always has a huge turnout and we usually win**

The races take part in local villages in NW Oxfordshire*** and are lots of fun and all completely flat**** so all very fast and lots of fun*****

Here are the dates you need:
Race 1 - Charlton-on-Otmoor - Thursday 26th April 7.00pm******
Race 2 - Bletchingdon - Thursday 31st May 7.30pm
Race 3 - Combe - Thursday 28th June 7.30pm
Race 4 - Combe II - (2 lap course) - Thursday 26th July 7.30pm
Race 5 - Oxford - Thursday 30th August 7.00pm

Remember to arrive at least half an hour before race start (traffic can be notoriously bad at some of these events) - and as in previous years we'll be asking volunteers to join a small army of people to hand out H5M race flyers in the car-park beforehand (weather permitting).

Enough waffle, how do I sign up I hear you ask? See me******* any Monday or Thursday from March 22nd - April 2nd with your crisp £20 note (or cheque payable to HRR).

That's Thursday 22nd / Monday 26th / Thursday 29th / Monday 2nd (Easter Monday)

The deadline for bulk entries is the beginning of April - so you must get get your entry to me by Monday 2nd (Easter Monday).

Save time and download an entry form here:

You will be issued with a single number for the race series before the first race (they will not be sent to the clubs this year).
Keep the same number for all 5 races. If you lose or mislay your number there is a £2 charge for a replacement.

Good luck everyone - I look forward to a rush of entries!

Anybody who is available on these Thursdays but unable to run - please see Rob Treadwell as we always need more marshals. It's very easy and rewarding to cheer on your fellow HRR racers :-)

You need club kit to race - so if you need an HRR vest or t-shirt see Graham Day.


* EA affiliated members only at that price. If you're not an EA member you can still enter individual races as a non-EA runner - but this is £13 per race! You'd need to enter yourself via the Kidlington RC website.
** well, the ladies do...
*** apart from Oxford (which pinches about 4/5ths of the H5M course)
**** OK, some of them are extremely "undulating", but hills are good for the soul ;-)
***** all abilities welcome - whatever your race pace - they really are lots of fun
****** single race planned this year - not split into separate M/W races was the case in previous years. Arrive at the first race before 6.30pm in order to collect your number.
******* that's ulen.neale at gmail (and not Hanno as in previous years).
Entered by: Ulen Neale

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