HRRers in the National Rankings for October
Date:19 Nov 2003
Article:A fair old crop this month. Congratulations to :

Martin Gainsborough, his 27:02 at Hanney was the 35th best 5-mile time by a British-based man in October

Jeanette Ashton, her 32:55 at the same race was also 35th best - this time for a woman

Allison Hirst, her 36:54 at Bourton was another 35th best, this time for 10K by a woman

Marie-Anne Fischer, her 3:26:42 at Abingdon was the 31st best marathon time by a British-based woman

Anna Loveless, her 19:26 at Poole was the 23rd best 5K time by a woman

Pete Haarer, his 70:14 at Stroud was the 11th best half-marathon time by a British-based man

Malindi Myers, still credited to Headington, her 18:33 at Hyde Park was the seventh best woman's 5K time

Last and far from least, Allison again, her 29:42 at Hanney was the fifth best 5-mile time by a British-based woman in October.

All data from 'British Runner'. Apologies to anyone I missed
Entered by: Graham Chapman

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