Avoiding Drug Bans!
Date:23 Jul 2004
Article:No joke! The Bristol Half-Marathon was recently targeted by the testers. Their normal policy is to test prize-winners and a random selection of the rest of the field, so it could happen to you.

Credit-card-size lists of banned and permitted medications for common conditions are in stock at Oxsrad by the club noticeboard. Make sure the ingredients of your favourite cold cure are in the right list!
Also available there is a leaflet giving the testing procedures if you should actually get picked. You might be involved in a long wait.

Many people's asthma medication is on the banned list : if your is, you should fill in and send off the form available at http://www.ukathletics.net/vsite/vfile/page/fileurl/0,11040,4854-150133-167349-27823-0-file,00.pdf (get there by going onto the UKAthletics site and clicking on Anti-Doping in the left-hand-side menu bar).

For the less common medications, UK Sport run a service that will tell you whether they contain banned substances. This is on http://www.uksport.gov.uk/did/ .
Entered by: Graham Chapman

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