Drugs added to the Banned List for 2005
Date:07 Oct 2004
More info:http://www.wada-ama.org/en/t3.asp?p=41627
Article:The World Anti-Doping Agency have now published their Naughty List for 2005.

The two commonly-used drugs whose status has changed are :

Beta-2 agonists (for asthma) are now banned in- and out-of-competition, so as I understand it if you use these you ought to make sure there are no gaps in the dates covered by your exemption certificates.

Finasteride, a drug used for gentlemen's problems (no, not THOSE gentlemen's problems, other problems) is now banned, but as a masking agent. It's not performance-enhancing in any way !

Full details, for those who can understand them, are on the WADA site above.
Entered by: Graham Chapman

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