Chiltern League Round 4 – Upton Court Park Slough

Date: 14th Jan 2012
Distance: c6k & c8k
Full results:
Type: XC
Comments: Best results of the season so far. Women 2nd in both senior and vet races. Men 4th in seniors and 2nd in vets to maintain the push for the vets title. Excellent turnout for both teams. One race left and potential honours waiting.
5Jude Craft22.00F351
10Liz Barker22.44F7
12Charlotte Harris23.02F9
22Adrienne Hopkins24.14F356
24Frances Burge24.39F13
47Megan McGregor26.58F21
53Anita James27.19F4513
57Helen Turley27.45F554
67Marie-Anne Fischer28.29F4521
93Mary Russell38.23F4533
12Chris Dettmar29.03M401
30Maxwell Robinson30.14M19
33Tim Doole30.31M21
46Gary Harris31.34M26
49Fergus Campbell31.41M4013
53Dave Gavaghan32.00M4015
57Andy Phelps32.23M4016
71Richard Skilbeck33.02M37
72Paul Oxley33.08M38
78Roger Thetford33.23M4026
114Laurie Hurman35.28M5010
142Neville Baker37.58M5020
167John Worth41.09M4065
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