English National XC Championships

Date: 27th Feb 2010
Distance: 8k/12k
Full results: http://www.englishcrosscountry.co.uk/
Type: XC
Comments: What a brilliant event to be a part of, in a great setting. Everyone should experience the Nationals at least once in their running career. We were rather light on numbers on the day but those of us who made it to Roundhay can be proud to have flown the flag for Oxfordshire. Performance of the day came from Helen, with a brilliant top-50 finish. The rest of us posted more modest results, but came away content nonetheless. Isobel would have been a little further up the placings had it not been for a last minute scramble for her number and chip! Shotover will all feel rather tame in comparison...
Senior women
1Steph Twell27:52
50Helen Barnes31:30
195Adrienne Hopkins35:49
362Isobel Wreford39:52
543last runner58:44
Senior men
1Andy Vernon38:01
364Tony Bourne47:09
508Richard Skilbeck49:05
658Martin Dunmore51:05
1328last runner1:05:18
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