Forest of Dean Trails Half Marathon

Date: 16th Mar 2008
Distance: 1/2 Marathon
Full results:
Type: Multi-terrain
Comments: Wet, cold and hilly, but somehow quite good fun, running off-road along the trails through the Forest of Dean. Over 1300 starters placed a strain on the infrastructure (the start was delayed by 15 minutes) but this was a very good event overall. And was Chris Nellins spotted among the supporters??
1Victor Vinyals (U/A)1:15:27
28Ian Meadowcroft1:23:56
54John Griffiths1:27:02
93Fraser Howard1:31:02
122Sally Howard1:32:43
350Clare Paige1:43:49
417Niels Paige (U/A)1:46:13
1346last finisher3:26:50"
622,4Giles Chalk4.54
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