Auto-extract Headington RR race results

To make it easier to post race results, you can now submit the URL to the actual results page (the page holding the complete result listings) and click the Fetch button.

For races where are large numbers of HRR runners this should be a help - it happily handles Motavation and Oxford Mail XC results. Also, results that use RaceMaster (multiple pages of results) are handled - simply enter the URL for page 1 of the results, and it will go off and fetch the rest (e.g. Chardon 5k).


For example, to retrieve Motavation results, paste in the URL to the results page, and click on the 'Fetch' button:

If successful, the results field will be populated with the HRR-specific results. All you need to do then is edit as appropriate (pbs, prizes, first/last finisher etc):

If it fails to extract the results (and this will be fairly common given the huge variety of formats in which results are posted), an additional field is shown. For example, attempting to extract the results from the 2011 Thame 10k (posted in a PDF):

The auto-extraction has failed, but there is still another way to quckly pull out the results.

If successful, the results field will now be updated with the HRR results.

If this has not worked, you need to extract the results yourself. Let me know of results pages that it fails to extract from, and I will try and keep it updated.