Great East Swim

Date: 19th Jun 2010
Distance: 1 mile
Type: XC
Comments: Alton Waters, Suffolk, cold, wet and windy! 1 mile open water swim to kick off one of four events. My first long distance open swim in Sarah's wet suit (many thanks), very windy with lots of waves and a first 600m of swimming wide (didn't look where I was going) and trying to stay calm whislt gulping for air (also burped alot?). Second part of the race with the wind behind made breathing slightly more easy but did suffer with calf cramp(luckily my legs took turns and never got it in both at the same time). Water in my left goggle meant being attended to by a nice young ambulance man (twice) as my eye swelled and turned red due to an allergic reaction! A slow and steady swim, I survived and am now looking to try and swim for a time in the Great South Swim, Victoria Docks, London on the 3rd July.... now I know I can swim that far with my head in the water without having an attack of the hysterics and won't be eaten by pike! The slimey weed at the start was also most unexpected! This race series will be shown on Channel 4 later in the year...I'm the one in the yellow hat 1580 swimming the long way around.
Results: Louise Dennis 42.00.00  Finished just halfway in the field of 3000  Age and Gender 70th 
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