Cotswold Classic Witney 10
Date:12 Sep 2010
Distance:10 miles
Full results:
Comments:All those people who warned me how tough this race was were certainly not exaggerating! A fairly gentle but long hill until mile 4, then lots of fast downhills, which was fun. But then two or three short, steep hills over the last couple of miles were real killers! Beautiful route, though, and very well organized.
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With only Hanney 5, (10th October), left to go a lot of the races categories are going down to the wire. In the V35 & V45 Women's categories a medal could possibly be won by someone turning up.
800:59:03 HARRIS, Gary Senior Men
1701:02:42 SKILBECK, Richard Senior Men
5201:12:36 HARRIS, Charlotte Senior Ladies
7001:15:07 BIGLIN, Matt V40 Men
8001:16:33 BYRNE, Kevin V50 Men
8301:17:35 LISTER, Philip V50 Men
9101:18:42 HOPKINS, Adrienne V35 Ladies
9601:19:16 HOWARD, Sally V35 Ladies
10901:20:48 BRAME, Paul V40 Menpb
12901:24:18 NORRIS, Graham V60 Men
15601:29:10 STONE, Manuel V50 Men
16401:30:24 SULLEY, Andrew V40 Men
17701:32:52 CLARKE, Richard V40 Men
17901:33:12 MUNDAY, Andrew V40 Men
18101:34:12 LOGAN, Ross V50 Men
18301:34:27 BARRON, David V50 Men
19701:41:29 VILLIERS, Kit V60 Men
19801:42:39 JENNINGS, Mary V55 Ladies
20701:49:52 RUSSELL, Mary V45 Ladies
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Entered by: David Barron

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