real 37. Berlin Marathon
Date:26 Sep 2010
Comments:The glorious warm summer sunshine of Friday had made way to persistent unrelenting rain by race day. Rather cold and wet by the end of a Marathon for the runners but probably even colder and wetter for spectators. marshalls and helpers. A great weekend away and cheaper than the Paris Marathon.

If I have missed anyone off the results please add you details.
PositionNameChip Time5k10k15k20kHalb25k30k35k40k 
1st MalePatrick Makau(Kenya)2:05:08
1st LadyAberu Kebede (Ethiopia)2:23:58
23533Ross Logan4:46:4330:521:01:301:31:572:03:402:10:422:37:043:13:393:50:454:30:09 
24212Graham Day4:53:4430:521:01:281:31:342:02:142:09:142:34:443:10:183:50:464:35:27PW 
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Entered by: Graham Day

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