Goring, Woodcote and District Lions 10K
Date:09 Jan 2011
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the start of the 2007 race The Goring, Woodcote and District Lions 10K takes place on country lanes in the Chilterns.

It starts in Woodcote and for the first 5K it gently glides down a hill into the outskirts of Goring. It passes through woods and because the lane was hidden from the sun it was about 2 degrees colder here.

Outside Goring Fire Station the fun begins: there is a steep climb that is 1K long. (This climb is also used for the start of the Goring 10K.) At the top, we were in glorious sunshine with the road passing between two fields containing enormous pigs.

There is then a 1K respite but this is followed by a long climb back to Woodcote.

Last year, this race was cancelled because of the bad weather and when in 2009 I drove round the course beforehand I was worried that the roads were too icy but the ice melted by the time we started racing. It was a different matter today. Most of the icy bits were on the last 2K much of which is up hill and it's where you're racing for home. Most people were running on the very left hand side of the road where it was less slippery.

When we got back to the Race HQ, the hot drinks and biscuits were free for runners.

The above photo was taken just after the start of the 2007 race. It is copyright David Rowe and is used with his permission. His web site is rowephoto.co.uk.

Pos Name Time
1 first male 0:35:14
9 first female 0:38:36
146 Sean Brown 0:50:14
176 Barry Cornelius 0:51:20
238 David Sawyer 0:54:37
432 last finisher 1:20:06
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