Goring 10k
Date:06 Mar 2011
Full results:http://www.goring10k.co.uk/results.aspx

this photo of the start of the 2011 Goring 10K was taken by Bob GregoryThe Goring 10K starts at the bottom of a hill outside Goring's Fire Station. For the first K, the course climbs from 60m to 95m, reaching the highest point of the race. You then gradually lose all that height on country lanes, a footpath alongside a field and 1.5K of the Ridgeway to reach the village of South Stoke. This is at the halfway point. The height is then all regained but this time by three smaller hills: you are using a different route to return to the highest point of the course. This is about 1.5K from the finish. Here, you are rewarded by going down the 35m hill you did at the start. This is then followed by a few meanderings around a housing estate before finishing on a field behind a School.

Although it was a bright sunny day with only a few clouds, there was a bitterly cold wind which was noticeable on the hills. The marshalling on the course was excellent. Although there was some enthusiastic support from the locals in Goring and South Stoke, most of the time it was quiet as we were running along isolated lanes in the Oxfordshire countryside.

Unfortunately, there were technical issues with the chip timing system. The Goring 10K web page says that not all the chip times were recorded. I think all the chip times for runners from HRR have now appeared. If you are missing from the results below, please add yourself or e-mail me and I'll do it.

The official results were first published on the evening of Sunday 6th March. However, they have been changed significantly several times since then. In particular, during the first day a lot of the chip times were changed and since 6th March 115 people have been added. The official results were last updated at 12.30a.m. on 16th March. These changes are reflected in Version 8 of the HRR results that appears below. If the results change again, I will update the results below.

Chris Dettmar (HRR) holds both the Mens Open course record (33:48, 2009) and the Mens Veterans course record (34:26, 2010). However, he wasn't present at the 2011 race. Maybe he was resting after winning the previous day's Middlesex Masters Cross-country. He needn't worry: his course records were not broken as the 2011 winner finished in 36:23!

The above photo of the start of the race was taken by Bob Gregory.

  Version 8 of the results
Pos CatPos GunTime ChipTime Name Bib Category Prize/pb
1 - 0:36:23 0:36:23 first male - -
3 - 0:37:21 0:37:21 first female - -
120 32 0:45:52 0:45:48 Paul Brame 455 M Vet
204 19 0:48:35 0:48:35 David Sawyer 180 M SuperVet
224 107 0:49:25 0:49:25 Sean Brown 98 M Open
255 29 0:50:22 0:49:46 Matthew Johnson 161 M SuperVet
267 20 0:50:49 0:50:17 Alex Baird 411 W Open
350 8 0:53:05 0:53:01 Barry Cornelius 33 M Masters
421 44 0:55:16 0:54:39 Katharine Earley 974 W Open
803 - 1:36:33 1:35:12 last runner - -
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Entered by: Barry Cornelius

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