Banbury 15
Date:20 Mar 2011
Distance:15 miles
Full results:
Comments:Fine, dry, near perfect conditions if it hadn't been for the head wind on the way back to Banbury. HRR Road race Championship event with a decent turn out of HRR despite Reading Half Marathon on the same day but we missed Charlotte Harris (ill), Adrienne Hopkins and Richard Skillbeck (both away).

Was good to see some of the newer members there today coming out of the Marathon training groups looking resplendant in their shiny new yellow vests - particular mentions to 2 of them Ali Robinson and Bethan Hughes who continued running back to Adderbury to make 20 miles!

Respect once more to Sheila and Maureen and congratulations to Diane Moore and Jude Craft who were 1st and 2nd V35's who must have run a 3 legged race as they recorded the same time. Diane, Jude and Sally were 2nd Ladies Team.

Please add any other prizes and PB's I am not aware of.
1Stephen MaleOxford CityVM401:25:43
43Diane MooreHRRVL351:41:08
44Jude CraftHRRVL351:41:08
74Matthew HillsHRRSM1:46:58
118Andrew BrownHRRSM1:53:29
120Clive SlatorHRRVM401:53:35
150Sally HowardHRRVL351:57:59
167Natasha GiannousiHRRVL352:00:02
185Phillip ListerHRRVM502:01:49
202Steve CowlsHRRVM502:04:41
231Lisa ShawHRRVL352:09:50
246Adam LawHRRSM2:12:22
253Stuart RobinsonHRRSM2:13:17
255Graham NorrisHRRVM602:13:43
256Ian GoldinHRRVM502:14:10
257John ClargoHRRVM402:14:10
268Sean BrownHRRSM2:16:40
278Graham DayHRRVM402:19:07
293Suzanne SzynakaHRRVL452:22:00
298Charlie WaughHRR?VL352:23:11
311Barry CorneliusHRRVM602:26:16
321Ricky CherryHRRVM402:28:33
322Sarah O'DriscollHRRSL2:28:34
330Consuela MoormanHRRVL452:30:01
332Stefan SzynakaHRRVM602:30:43
341Mary RussellHRRVL452:33:04
354Bethan HughesHRRSL2:37:34
361Ali RobinsonHRRVL352:42:44
362Ross LoganHRRVM502:44:02
374Sheila DoelHRRVL553:10:09
375Maureen O'SullivanHRRVL653:14:34club record
377 - Last Hana DaviesU/ASL3:21:21
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Entered by: Graham Day

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