Virgin London Marathon 2011
Date:17 Apr 2011
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Comments:Having done the Flora London Marathon four years ago, and
running in it this year, it never ceases to amaze me the
organization and sheer scale of the event. For me the race
started off cool with a light covering of cloud, and then
became gradually warm as the day went on. By mile 10, race
conditions were hot, from 13 onwards people were suffering
and St John Ambulance were busy. On the good side the
weather brought out the crowds and the support and cheering
was amazing.

I have compiled a brief list of people who ran yesterday, I
am sure there are more. Well done to Julien and to Maureen
who came 44th in her category, beating Julien's category
Julien lhomme8373SM1:15:112:33:47 club record
Yiannis Fitsakis585371SM1:23:272:52:54
David Fieldhouse1351285M401:29:103:04:25
Nick Shea1783368M401:30:333:10:03 pb
Eirini Flouri2222135SL1:34:473:14:41
Rob Treadwell3224639M401:42:193:24:35
Richard Baskerville3540690M401:28:243:27:12
Alex smith46992069SM1:45:083:35:51 pb
Alun Ward4771862M401:45:233:36:20
Hanno Nickau7324911M451:44:173:51:34
Tim Mean94234044SM1:49:324:00:27
Ian Goldin9703249M551:56:554:01:54 pb
Evelyn Joslin12552496L402:01:474:15:02
Graham Day166251735M452:10:014:30:56
Andrew Munday234172250M452:19:014:59:29
Ricky Cherry241782287M452:18:555:03:34 pb
Bethan Hughes267025312SL2:27:315:10:41 pb
Julie Gardner26678960L452:28:375:17:34
Consuela Moorman27753462L502:20:205:24:22
Sarah "Sebo" Field280805459SL2:33:04:5:26:32 pb
Liz Ward282598812L402:36:275:27:35 pb
Katie King287165646SL2:25:125:30:40
Caroline Slay308526317SL2:37:145:49:55 pb
Maureen O'Sullivan3166144L652:45:465:59:06 club record
Alison Robinson337837326SL2:36:416:47:57
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Entered by: Andrew Munday

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