Thame 10k
Date:26 Jun 2011
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From the web site of Thame Runners: the Thame CPM 10km road race took place once again in conditions more like Trinidad than Thame. For the third consecutive year, runners braved a hot and humid morning on the course through the town market high street out to Towersey and back along the traffic-free Phoenix Trail.

First place overall and winner by more than two minutes was Steven Naylor of Woodstock Harriers in a time of 31:23. In tough conditions, he broke the Thame 10k course record by nearly a minute and which had stood since 2003.

Congratulations to Adrienne Hopkins who was the 3rd LV35 and Imogen Matthews who was the 2nd LV55.

If you got a pb or a prize, please add it to the results or e-mail me and I'll do it.

1-31:24first male----31:231
657334:28James EveMale6ms534:276
1776836:40Jason SmithMale17mv436:3717
22-37:23first female----37:2122
2791238:01Robert StewartMale26ms1837:5828
3360638:24Richard SkilbeckMale31ms2038:2234
4571639:24Dave CoxMale43mv1239:1945
9774443:13Andy BrownMale87ms4542:5995
10160743:30Adrienne HopkinsFemale11fv343:24100
10735743:56Andrew LorentzMale95ms4843:46107
11731244:31Craig PerkinsMale103ms5344:26118
12868745:10Paul BrameMale113mv3644:56128
13651445:49Thomas MurfittMale120ms5945:38136
16836747:22Philip ListerMale145msv1647:15178pb
19669648:14Steve CowlsMale168msv1848:02200
20083648:22Tracey StapleyFemale29fv1047:53197
20446748:40David SawyerMale174msv1948:34214
21594148:55Alistair FeltonMale181ms8948:38218
23380149:30Anita JamesFemale37fsv549:19239
24358849:41Marie-Anne FischerFemale40fsv649:24245
24466549:41Ann PowterFemale41fv1649:23244
25788950:01John ClargoMale213mv6649:42258
26261150:07Rachel WalshFemale45fs2149:36252
29577651:24Matthew JohnsonMale243msv3151:08300
30477751:49Imogen MatthewsFemale56fuv251:33305
31257452:17Claire WilcoxFemale59fs2551:47309
33163852:55Robert GreenMale267muv1052:39335
34336253:21Graham DayMale276mv8452:53346
37785154:27Linda MacAskillFemale80fsv1754:13388
40464455:33Sarah O'DriscollFemale90fs3754:58408
40835855:38Merel GijsenFemale91fs3855:17419
46137157:23Manuel StoneMale345msv4756:49462
5607911:00:40Kit VilliersMale395muv1959:56562
5768811:01:15Sandra Harding-BrownFemale172fsv351:00:32576
7414781:11:35Eileen VielvoyeFemale276fuv111:10:50742
835-1:38:21last finisher----1:37:02835
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